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production of laboratory reference materials

production of laboratory reference materials by pars danesh standard


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laboratories your opinion is very important to us

your opinion is very important to us

An equipped laboratory

An equipped laboratory pars danesh standard laboratories are equipped with advanced devices such as: icp-oes, aas, ls-ms / ms, hplc, gc, gc-ms, ft-ir and.. the laboratory provides services in many areas, including quality control of food, cosmetics, petroleum products, the environment, occupational health, toxins, and more.

It training vocational

pars knowledge criteria training unit operates in various fields, the most important and specialized of which is the laboratory and instrumental field. ask us for specialized laboratory courses. pass the specialized courses iso / iec 17025 professionally with the experienced staff of pars standard knowledge academy along with receiving a valid certificate.

do you still rely on foreign materials to buy your laboratory reference materials

We can provide you with the best quality laboratory-certified reference materials in a short time by using the
technical knowledge in the pars knowledge criteria collection. production of laboratory reference materials


Meyardanesh pars standard laboratory is the best equipped laboratory in Isfahan province.

Pars standard food quality control laboratory has started its activities with the aim of meeting the special needs of industries , especially pharmaceutical , food , water and sewage industries and research centers by using experienced specialists in the research institute of Islamic azad university , Isfahan branch. In this complex , the laboratory management system is based on the ISO / IEC 17025 standard and all tests are performed according to valid national and international standards such as ISO , ASTM,BSI,JIS,ISIRI.

Collection permissions

Licenses from NACI, National Standard Organization of Iran, Deputy of Food and Drug, Environment, Agricultural Jihad, Educational Approval

Sampling list

… Sampling of honey, cheese, milk (dairy), water and wastewater, restaurant samples, factories and

Scope of laboratory

Food products, cosmetics, livestock and poultry, water and wastewater, environment, occupational health, petroleum products, pesticides and pesticides

Education Courses

Ask us for specialized laboratory and instrumental courses as well as courses related to ISO / IEC 17025 standard, face-to-face and online trainings with Pars knowledge standard

Collection Publications

The collection books include ISO IEC 17025 and ISO 17034 standard books. Contact us to order.

Standard Advice 17025

Ask for expert advice on 17000 series standards from expert and experienced consultants of Danesh Pars standard, ISO 17025 standard expert advice


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